International Air Racing Federation
IARF is a nongovernmental, noncommercial association, which is currently the only world body to control the issues related to air races of piloted aircrafts as kind of sports.
Lausanne (Switzerland)
Reasons for uniting all the fans and admirers of the air race "under its wing" were obvious. Lack of a single viable center which is able to complete the most progressive ideas of constructors as well as the enable pilots to demonstrate their skills resulted in setting up International Air Racing Federation (IARF) in 2020. The IARF headquarters is located in the capital of world sports Lausanne (Switzerland).
In the majority of countries that develop the concept of air races there are national federations or national associations. IARF is meant to provide them with comprehensive support, while representing and protecting interests of various air race disciplines as a kind of sports in National Olympic Committees, International Olympic Committee and other world sports organizations is one of the high priority task of IARF. IARF worked out common rules for holding air race sports events in order to develop and spread propaganda of air races all over the world along with optimization of new disciplines promotion.