AirVenture Cup Race 2023

Only one week remains until the much anticipated 25th annual AirVenture Cup Cross Country Race flag drops and the diverse group of racers quench their need for speed. This year’s race will be held from July 21-23rd on a closed course that features a total of 9 waypoints from start to finish, starting in Wausau, Wisconsin (KAUW) and finishing in Merrill, Wisconsin (KRRL). This race is currently the only Cross Country, Closed Circuit race in the USA, which is open to both experimental and factory-built aircraft. This is truly one of the most diverse air races in modern history, with previous entrants ranging from a 1946 J-3 Piper Cub, which typically has cruise speeds no faster than a car on the freeway, all the way up to an experimental, all carbon fiber built, Turbine Legend that can cruise at about half the speed of sound. This race is not simply just a closed course race, but rather a 3 day celebration that brings together aviation enthusiasts from all over the United States. On Friday, traditionally the racers will meet at predetermined location for an informal meet and greet. On Saturday, the AirVenture Cup organizers will host an Airport Open House at Wausau Downtown Airport, where people from the local surrounding communities are invited to visit the race pits, get a close up look at the race aircraft and meet the brave and competitive Air Race Pilots. Sunday is all about racing, speed and accuracy. A majority of the Air Race aircraft after the finishing the race course will immediately depart to Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the world’s largest airshow, AirVenture 2023. From everyone at the IARF, we want to wish our colleagues and all air race pilots a very safe, successful, fast and unforgettable experience at the 25th AirVenture Cup Cross County Air Race!!! Godspeed!!!