Air Race World Championship Goodwood 2022 Is Cancelled

AIR RACE came to a decision not to hold the race in Goodwood (West Sussex, UK) in July 2022. According to AIR RACE Instagram’s latest announcements it was a really heartbreaking decision. There were a number of factors contributed to this, including significant logistics challenges that have arisen and subsequent reduced working timeframe in the lead up to the event.
There is no doubt it is a disappointing loss for the 2022 race calendar, but in the middle of disappointment always creates new opportunities in the future. There are preliminary talks with multinational partners to develop UAM/VTOL racing in the near future.
The IARF hopes that the race will take place in Goodwood in 2023 and it will attract a large number of spectators. We wish our colleagues all the best of luck in their amazing sporting events.