Reno Pylon Racing School

Reno Pylon Racing School

The Reno Air Race Association will host the prestigious and rigorous Pylon Racing School in Reno-Stead Airport from June 4-9th.

This unique and thorough racing school has been held annually for the last two decades, in preparation for the annual Reno Air Races held in September. This year holds special significance due to the fact that it is the 59th and final Air Race that will be held in Reno, Nevada. This intensive, four day training process includes: ground school, Reno Pylon Race Simulation Flying, Passing the check ride by the FAA Certified Race Class Check Pilot.

Upon successful completion, the pilot joins an elite class of air racers and is officially certified to compete in the Reno National Championship Air Races. The Reno Air Races are the longest continuously running air race championship that allows for pilots to compete simultaneously against each other in 5 different aircraft classes from speeds of 190-500 MPH, at altitudes as low as 50ft.

To request an invitation to Participate in the Pylon Racing Seminar, please contact: