The STIHL National Championship Air Races is off

Let's see a full digest of The Reno races that took place on September 14-18. There were 152 planes and 156 pilots:

  • The Unlimited Class featured a mix of Hawker Sea Furies, P-51 Mustangs and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra;
  • The Jet Class featured a mixture of ex-military Cold War trainer types: L-29 Delfín or L-39 Albatros;
  • The T-6 Class featured numerous variants of North American Aviation’s legendary WWII trainer;
  • The Sport Class was an exception with French Air Force Socata Epsilon nicknamed “Zebulon”

Visibility was an exception this year too. Thick smoke from regional wildfires made flight’s ways invisible at times. Therefore some competitions were not available for several pilots. Nevertheless, we have winners:

Formula One Class Gold Results: Justin Meaders (Mineral Wells, TX), SnoShoo SR1, Limitless - 06:10.507;

Biplane Class Gold Results: Sam Swift (Nashville, TN), Pitts S-1S, ‘Smokin' Hot - 05:27.384;

Sport Class Gold Results: Mathias Haid (Anif, Salzburg, Austria), Thunder Mustang, Clas Thunder I - 08:27.718;

T-6 Class Gold Results: Chris Rushing (Thousand Oaks, CA), AT-6B - 07:13.955;

Jet Class Silver Results: Alex Eckmann (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), L-39 MS, Red Thunder - 06:10.380;

Unlimited Class Silver Results: John Dusty Dowd, Jr. (Syracuse, KS), P-51A Mustang, Shanty Irish - 10:05.418.

Stay tuned with IARF! We hope to inspire you by new interviews with pilots.