AirVenture Cup Race 2022 Results

AirVenture Cup Race 2022 is officially in the books, with over 70 aircraft participating on a 371.6 nautical mile closed circuit course. By all accounts, the race itself went off without any major problems with all aircraft successfully and safely completing the race course. Perhaps the biggest drama that occurred was the threat of severe thunderstorms that moved through the race airport and vicinity of the race course the day before the race. The majority of the race aircraft had already arrived at the start airport in the days leading up to the race at Wausau Downtown Airport (KAUW). As it became clear to the race organizers that severe thunderstorms were approaching, the “race” was on by the pilots, aircrews, airport staff and incredible team of volunteers to safely and quickly move every single race aircraft from the outside ramp parking into various hangars. Mission accomplished and by the morning of June 24th, the thunderstorms were long gone, sunshine and blue skies prevailed as if to reward the air racers for all of their countless hours of hard work over the past year to get every ounce of speed out of each aircraft. The fastest speed posted by any aircraft during this year’s race was a blazing 293.61 MPH, flown by Woody Menear & Roy Early in the lightning fast SX-300. Bringing up the rear, the slowest time was posted by Roland Biber and Tim Treadway in a sleek and beautiful Cessna 177B Cardinal at 136.42 MPH. Most importantly, a good time, fast and safe flying was experienced by all. We at the International Air Race Federation wish to sincerely congratulate our colleagues, the pilots, ground crews and supporters of the AirVenture Cup Race on a job well done. Get some rest and start preparing for next year’s air race!