Reno Pylon Racing Seminar Report 2022

Reno Pylon Racing Seminar Report 2022
The annual Pylon Racing Seminar has just wrapped up in Reno, Nevada with very successful and promising results. The Reno Air Races organize this seminar every year leading up to the air races in order to train and certify new air race pilots, while simultaneously giving valuable experience to returning pilots. This year’s Air Races will be held from September 14-18, 2022.
Over 100 pilots, (including 33 new “rookie” pilots), from 6 different airplane classes (Formula 1, Biplane, Sport, T-6, Unlimited and Jet), took part in this seminar from June 7-10. In order to pass and become a certified race pilot, each candidate must complete the following training:

• Ground School
• Reno Pylon Race Simulation Flying
•Passing the check ride by the FAA Certified Race Class Check Pilot
According to unofficial and initial reports from the various airplane classes, all new pilots in attendance passed and were certified to race in September. We at the IARF wish to congratulate the Reno Air Races and the 100 pilots on a safe and successful Pylon Racing Seminar. We also wish to convey some special congratulations to all the of the newly certified race pilots, welcome to the air racing family and we wish them success and lots of speed in September.