Matthias Dolderer: “Nothing is impossible, if you set your goals and work hard”

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 Matthias Dolderer is the lifetime aviator, air show, aerobatic and Red Bull Air Race pilot, a superior type of pilot, who brought a myriad of innovations to the race, gave an interview to the International Air Racing Federation.

IARF: How did you get into the air race? How old were you?
Matthias: I´ve been at the first RBAR in 2003 in Zeltweg, flying the Corsair. Then followed it ever since, became media pilot in 2007 and race pilot in 2009. In 2006 I started flying competitions, and qualified in 2008, German champion and top half at EAC.
IARF:  What competition (with your participation) was the most memorable for you?
Matthias: RBAR Indianapolis, becoming World Champion.
IARF: What are your hobbies besides aviation?
Matthias: Family, flying, skiing, tennis, golf, cars. Not much time for hobbies though.
IARF: What are your plans for a sports career in the near future?
Matthias: Waiting for a race series to come back and be part of it. Having fun at our airfield in Tannheim, working hard.
IARF: What would you like to wish for the younger generation, participants of air races?
Matthias: A Peaceful time! Nothing is impossible, if you set your goals and work hard for them. Keep pushing, be safe, don’t do bullshit and survive!

On behalf of the IARF we wish Matthias Dolderer all the best, experience many highlights and discover new horizons!