PSAM Race Team at the Reno Air Races

Air racing has and always will be the ultimate team sport. Behind every race pilot is countless crew members to support this incredible endeavor. It takes miracles of physics to get an airplane into the air, not any less significant is how many people it takes to get that same airplane from the hangar to the runway for each flight. We want to give you a unique behind the scenes look at one museum’s gigantic undertaking to bring not one, but three World War 2 aircraft to the Reno National Championship Air Races.  The Palm Springs Air Museum @PSAIRMUSEUM , fleet of racers placed 3rd, 5th and 6th place respectively in the Unlimited Silver Class, which consists of basically stock and unmodified. spoke with Museum Vice Chairman Fred Bell about various topics connected to this massive effort, the future of air racing, how to get involved in air racing and why it is so important to grow this sport. Stay tuned for this insightful and fascinating perspective of what it takes year round to field a stable of racing aircraft!!!